Insect Loop

Insect Loop Guitar Chords

Let's Eat Grandma
Album : Two Ribbons
| C      | D      | Em     | Em     |
| C      | D      | Em     | Em     |
[Verse 1]
'Cause I'm a liar
G                                          Em7
Why do we both have to sit and absorb this ordinary pain?
D             G     G/B      Cmaj7
Fight to over-compensate the distance
    G                                             Em7
And how did it get to the point where it's not an ordinary pain?
 D              Bm7
Small enough to change
| C      | C      | Em     | Em     | D      | D      | C      | C      |
[Verse 2]
You never noticed
I dunk my head in the bathtub and scream underwater
'Cause maybe I thought you didn't care
        C                                              C
Now the floor has turned to glass and I walk around on tip-toe
                Em                                            G
Tryna brush it away and go places with sunshine and faces and I can play pretend
And usually we'd do this together, well
[Verse 3]
D  Em    C
Winter's set
 D   G                          Cmaj7
Snow cubs, tryna be wrapping my arms around your head
   D    G  Cadd9
To find my friend
     D  Em7                Cmaj7
It's alright, why don't wе both get back into bed?
D           Am    Em           D
 And at the momеnt there is no room
To understand each other's truths
| C      | C      | Em     | Em     | G      | G      | C      | C      |
| C      | C      | Em     | Em     | G      | G      | C      | C      |
[Verse 4]
Am   Bm  Em   D
Have we  lost sight
Am  Bm  Em   D
Of  the same light?
Am            Bm               G                    D/F#
 And blood is all that you can see when you've been pulled apart two ways
Am          Bm             G                 Em
 When these waters run too deep it makes the surface hard to break
Am        Bm            Em                    D                Am
 Blood is only what you need when you've been pulled apart two ways
Bm               D
Pulled apart two ways
| C      | C      | Em     | Em     | G      | G      | C     | C      |
| C      | C      | Em     | Em     | G      | G      | Am    | Am     |
The tide has fallen
    G                                           Em7
Oh, why don't we sit by the water and watch our drawings wash away?
         D                G       G/B               Cmaj7
Just the friends we are today and know that that's enough
    G                                               Em7
And nothing could seem more important as that we'll haunt these Norfolk bays
D                Bm7
Weaving like the waves